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Why Draft Environmental Impact Statement or DEIS Accuracy and Attention to Detail Matters

Why Draft Environmental Impact Statement or DEIS Accuracy & Attention to Detail Matters

Time is money when you’re proposing a land development project. Delays in processing your Draft Environmental Impact Statement or DEIS can dramatically impact your project program and schedule. Time costing delays can result from insufficient analysis, missing a Scope detail or failing to provide sufficient backup for the DEIS findings and conclusions.

These complications are explained below:

  • Not Addressing Scope. This can lead to technical comments from the Lead Agency regarding incomplete information and requests for more detail
  • Insufficient Technical Detail. Missing details and inadequate technical backup for the DEIS can lead to questions on how the conclusions were reached
  • Delay in Responding to Lead Agency Comments. Formulating a response to Lead Agency comments on a DEIS submission can be time consuming, especially if extensive comments have been made

A DEIS Preparer with comprehensive and diverse planning knowledge will produce a DEIS with enough detail to provide the requisite “hard look” at potentially adverse impacts and minimize the Lead Agency comments. A thorough and accurate DEIS streamlines public comment and paves the way for speedy governmental approval.

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