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How to get a Property Survey

There may be multiple reasons why you need a survey, often lenders and the title company will require a copy of a survey to close on the purchase of a new home or property.

If you don’t have access to the property survey you can take a few different paths to get one.

  1. Check with the local tax assessor in the town or municipality the property is located in.

Why Draft Environmental Impact Statement or DEIS Accuracy & Attention to Detail Matters

Time is money when you’re proposing a land development project. Delays in processing your Draft Environmental Impact Statement or DEIS can dramatically impact your project program and schedule. Time costing delays can result from insufficient analysis, missing a Scope detail or failing to provide sufficient backup for the DEIS findings and conclusions.

These complications are explained below:

  • Not Addressing Scope. This can lead to technical comments from the Lead Agency regarding incomplete information and requests for more detail
  • Insufficient Technical Detail. Missing details and inadequate technical backup for the DEIS can lead to questions on how the conclusions were reached
  • Delay in Responding to Lead Agency Comments. Formulating a response to Lead Agency comments on a DEIS submission can be time consuming, especially if extensive comments have been made

A DEIS Preparer with comprehensive and diverse planning knowledge will produce a DEIS with enough detail to provide the requisite “hard look” at potentially adverse impacts and minimize the Lead Agency comments. A thorough and accurate DEIS streamlines public comment and paves the way for speedy governmental approval.

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Why Do I Need a Property Survey?

Here are a few reasons a property survey can help prevent problems:

  • Possible blurred property lines can become bigger issues down the road. For example your neighbor moves and let's say you don't quite like your new neighbors but when you got to put up your fence you find out that what you thought was yours isn't...

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  • You could find that a neighbor’s fence, wall or even a building could be on the property.Why do I need a property survey?
  • A corner of your property could be missing.  This would be an issue if you ever plan on putting up a fence. You will need to know exactly where your property lines are located.  This could become an issue if you have put up your fence or shed on your neighbor's property and end up with the financial responsibility of having to remove and rebuild the fence on your side of the property line.
  • Property line or corner disputes. A survey can reveal if there’s any property line or property corner disputes with the property.
  • A land survey will help protect your investment. A survey can reveal the exact property dimensions, size and location of the home on the property, as well as any other improvements on the land, such as a driveway that may be crossing a property line.
  • Sometimes you may want to subdivide your property to give to a family member or sell. A property survey will let you know what regulations may affect your future plans. Many municipalities restrictions on dividing property; a local partner like Atzl, Nasher & Zigler, PC will know these regulations and guide you through the process. In our case ANZ can even represent you in planning meetings to help you save time and money.


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