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Serving the Surveying, Site Planning, Structural Engineering, Storm & Wastewater Engineering needs of New York

Engineering Services

2D Modeling

We convert your plan into a color Google Earth aerial image, with finishing treatments including proposed landscaping and building facade

3D Modeling

3D model of your project and insert the model into 3D Google Earth image


Site photography from designed viewpoint with providing "before" and "after" comparison with creative rendering.


We offer surveys for mortgages, foreclosures, transfers, and more.

Site Planning

We handle applications and Planning Board meetings, making the process easy for you.

Permits & Zoning

We oversee permits and zoning for individual projects that require variances or relief from the code. We also manage all paperwork pertaining to these projects.


Project Supervision

Our Rockland County staff proudly serve as project inspectors and site supervisors on behalf of our clients.

stromwater management

Stormwater Management

Atzl, Nasher and Zigler’s experienced staff can provide cost effective solutions for your Stormwater Management and Pollution Prevention Plans.

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering focuses on retaining walls, building code requirements on straps and framing, bridge design, and inspecting building programs.

Welcome to Atzl, Nasher, and Zigler, PC (ANZ), a vanguard of surveying, site planning, and civil engineering established in the heart of New York in 1968. As a leading firm in the industry, we’ve continually evolved our expertise, retaining the pioneering spirit that birthed us while expanding our talent pool with the industry’s most skilled engineers.

We take immense pride in our unique specialization, straddling a broad spectrum of services, including stormwater and wastewater engineering, land development plans, and a deep understanding of New York City’s stringent stormwater codes. We’re more than just a trusted partner to our clients; we’re an indispensable resource to architects who require expert guidance in areas outside their licensing scope, such as stormwater construction management.

We navigate the complex web of industry acronyms with ease, becoming proficient in areas like SWMP (Storm Water Management Program), SMP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan), and SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan). ANZ proudly sets itself apart in the industry, taking up the mantle in the underrepresented but vital area of water resource engineering, a discipline that attracts only 2% of engineers, compared to 80% in structural and 18% in transportation engineering.

By fusing our commitment to superior quality, our diverse service offerings, and our unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, we continue to create unparalleled value for our clients. We welcome you to explore the dynamic world of Atzl, Nasher, and Zigler, PC, where we tirelessly strive to break boundaries, set industry benchmarks, and uphold our promise of delivering the very best in surveying, site planning, and civil engineering.

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